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Gift Boxed Tiny Heart With Lyrics

Gift boxed tiny heart with lyrics
Gift boxed tiny heart with lyrics
  • Black
  • Lime green
  • Pale pink
  • Deep purple
  • Turquoise with black veining
  • Purple
  • Dark aqua blue/green/ black
  • Tiny hearts
  • Gift boxed tiny heart with lyrics

Gift Boxed Tiny Heart With Lyrics

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All jewellery is hand made to order and at times dispatch may take up to 14 days. If you need your order in a hurry or by a specific date, please comment in the box on the way to checkout and we will get back to you to let you know whether this will be possible or to suggest other options such as a refund or alternative item.


In More Detail

A tiny gemstone heart on a delicate beaded silvertone chain presented in a hand ribbonned box with tiny lyrics taken from Ed's lovely song, Wake Me Up:

I take you to the beach and walk along the sand

And make you a heart pendant

With a pebble held in my hand

And carve it like this necklace

So my heart falls where your chest is

And now a piece of me

Is a piece of the beach

And it falls just where it needs to be

And rests peacefully

And you just need to breathe

To feel my heart against yours now, against yours now


The colours seen numbered on the photograph are as follows :- (1) Purple (2) Lime green (3) Black (4) Deep purple (5) Rose pink-unavailable (6)Pale pink (7) Dark green/aqua blue (8) Turquoise. Subject to availability.